At Resolute Connection, we understand the ever changing patient responsibility world just as much
as you do, and we ensure continuity in the doctor/patient relationship.

We contact each and every patient.

Your patients are critical to all of our business. Demands of everyday life require a reminder of obligations. And you demand a real person, not a robot, to interact. Technology is great. Human interaction is better.

We Contact each and every patient 1

We correspond with each and every patient as YOU.

Our partnership is just that, a partnership, which includes the effective use of letters or statements. Our correspondence is tailor made to your practice ensuring transparency.

We Correspond with each and every patient as YOU

Patient Plans that pay TODAY.

We work with our patients’ financially competing agenda to ensure that our services are not forgotten. Addressing your concerns and resolving financial issues complements our goal to have a plan to have your practice paid today.

Patient Plans that pay TODAY 1

Resolution no longer a “tail” in your receivables management.

Quickly addressing outstanding balances with patients brings about order to your revenue cycle, adding predictability to your financial landscape. We collaborate on timelines solidifying your financial needs.

Resolution no longer a tail in your receivables management 1

This is about YOUR practice receiving payments, not ours.

Successful payments are made directly to you, not through us. Our goal is not to be a financial institution. You already have that relationship with your patients.

This is about YOUR practice receiving payments not ours 1

Your return on your investment is guaranteed*.

We work with our clients to create predictable pricing that will assist you in long term financial planning and growth. Our model is a step above the rest, and with today’s uncertain future, less unpredictability is welcomed.

Your return on your investment is guaranteed 1